Jill Quinn Babcock ~ Glass Engraver

I started engraving accidentally. I wanted to make special Christmas gifts for my children as is my desire every year, then, with an idea from a friend, I began. The love of glass came from how immediate the results were. The fact that I could make something usable with art. This is an absolute learning process every minute. I also love cutting the glass in miniature, feeds into my love of detail.

I engrave my own designs plus do commission work for clients and happily have glass across North America and as far away as Germany. What a way to have something totally unique and special for someone! I love that no one else can have an exact replica of what I have done! Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

To engrave I draw the image on the glass with a marker, then cut the outline for them. Then it takes different size diamond burrs and rubber tips and stones to engrave, smooth, shade, then go back in and put highlights. Just like a painting only with diamond bits on glass! A very satisfying process. 

Whether it's a commission or a piece I have already made, I hope you enjoy your treasure! Please contact me if you see something you like or would like to place a special order. 

Have a wonderful day!~