My wish in engraving the glass and crystal is to encourage clients to enjoy your pieces every day! Why have them locked up in a cupboard? Every day is special!   

Though I make particular subject matter over and over, each piece is unique and original. Take them out, show them off and enjoy!                        

Each is made individually. There are additional fees for custom orders such as dog/cat portraits and specialty images.      Request a quote! 

crystal german shepherd winestoppe

tiny German shepherd hand engraved on a lovely crystal wine stopper $35, custom orders have additional charge.

crystal bowl with hummingbirds

A beautiful hand made Italian crystal bowl with hand engraved hummingbirds and flowers. Limited supply, they start at $70, custom order fees apply

crystal bowl with hummingbirds

A beautiful hand made Italian crystal bowl with hand engraved hummingbirds and flowers. $75

crow beer glass

2 crows on a hand engraved beer glass sold, but have one made similar! $60

chickadee ornament

3" glass ornament, hand engraved with a chickadee $45. Each ornament is unique. Though a chickadee can be made with branches, it won't be identical.

chickadee wine glass

wineglass, hand engraved chickadee. This was a glass made from limited stock. A few of these left.

crystal wine stoppers, hand engraved

hummingbird wine stopper $35 Each stopper is one of a kind. It may look similar with a hummingbird, but never identical. Additional fee for custom orders.


crystal wine stopper. No 2 ever the same. Designs are never guaranteed to be in stock. $35. Additional fee for custom orders

bee stout/drink glass

bee beer/drink glass, hand engraved Sold! But have one made similar! $70

bunny stout/drink glass

rabbit “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” Dalai Lama

Classic Christmas ornament

hand engraved 3" glass ornament. Peanuts, Snoopy $45. 3"

chickadee stout/drink glass

hand engraved glass with chickadee $50

eagle stout/drink glass

eagle Looking ticked. Saying says, " Don't mess with me until after the 1st drink!"

owl stout/drink glass

owl drink glass with saying, "Friends, Always there to hold each other up." Hand engraved

Christmas ornament, snowmen

hand engraved ornament with snowmen. 2.5" $40

dragonfly stout/drink glass

hand engraved glass with dragon flies $50

Nativity scene Christmas ornament

2.5" $40

Sand dollar wine glass

hand engraved sand dollar wine glass $40

stemless seahorse wine/drink glass

drinking glass with seahorses, no stem. hand engraved $45

Humpback whale on stout/drink glass

Humpback whales hand engraved on glass $50

butterflies on wine glass

butterflies hand engraved on a wine glass $40

coat of arms sketch on glass

Prep sketch for coat of arms A coat of arms beer glass drawn and engraved by hand is very labor intense. Coat of arms glasses have additional charges. Coat of Arms start at $80. Order yours on any style of glass. Size affects price.

grapes on glass

Grapes on a hand engraved wine glass $45

dragon egg wine glass

Dragon cracking out of the egg. Sold! Have one made like this! $60

Christmas ornament

hand engraved ornament with classic Christmas movie. 3" $45 additional charge for custom orders

ostrich wine glass

Ostrich hand engraved on red wine glass saying, "Don't judge... It's been a day!" Sold! Have one made similar. $50