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Jill Quinn Babcock ~ Glass Engraver

Find me as well @theArtfulCut on Instagram and on Facebook as the Artful Cut Engraved Glass. 


I am a detailed artist in everything I do, glass is no exception. A bit about me?  I am a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. The glass and crystal engraving began when I wanted to make special Christmas gifts for my children. I could make something you could use every day, bring in my love of detail and I see immediate results. I love every minute!

To engrave, I draw the image on the glass with a marker, then cut the outline for them. After that it takes different size diamond burrs and rubber tips and stones to engrave, smooth, shade, then go back in and put highlights. The rougher the glass is cut, the whiter it appears, stones and burrs smooth the glass to give it the shadow and depth. Very much like my painting, only with diamond bits on glass! It's a very satisfying process.

From Nova Scotia, I've shipped glass across North America and as far away as Germany and England. Each piece is one of a kind, and so totally unique for you!


The majority of the pieces on the site are already sold. I do certain subject matter over and over, such as my birds and dragonflies and bees. Your piece can be similar, but will always be unique. Truly, I never know what I'll have, or what I might decide to make. Larger specialty pieces are only posted on Instagram or Facebook, so find me there! I bring them to the Alderney Landing Farmers Market every Saturday for those local to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia! 

I hope you enjoy your treasure! Please contact me if you see something you like or would like to place a special order. 

Have a wonderful sparkling day!~

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