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My wish in engraving the glass is to encourage you to use your glassware for every day use. Why have them locked up in a cupboard? Every day is special! Take them out, show them off and enjoy!

Prices may vary for custom orders according to the complexity of the design.

Videos and more

A few of my videos. Find more on IGTV and instagram @theArtfulCut


                 The small diamond and rectangle are glass, the heart and large round are crystal. Each piece is hand drawn and cut.                          No two pieces are identical. They are each one of a kind!

$30 for diamond-shaped, $40 for rectangular and round crystal.

$40 for essential oil diffuser necklace. Custom fees added for unique orders. 

Wine Stoppers

Crystal wine stoppers engraved by hand.

$40. Custom fee for special orders

Ornaments/ Sun Catchers

Hand-engraved glass or crystal ornaments/sun-catchers

$40 for small diamond and small round, $50 for large round. Fee for custom orders.